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    Can't wait to watch this on demand. Would of loved to of seen this session in person :)

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    Appreciated the insight to the Insider programme and to hear and see your own passion for the daily dose of headaches that you get to enjoy. That same passion for all things Windows 10 are also there out in the back of beyond. The customer involvement into the project has certainly added an additional interest into my own life by sharing the same issues, difficulties as myself with others...

    Fortunately I've encountered very few idiots and trolls but have also met some clever people showing a lot of intelligence, wisdom and kindness in their wanting to share those qualities with others. It has been and is an absolute pleasure.


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    @Adam: you must be the Adam mentioned in the presentation

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    Andy Elias

    Want to sign in.

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    palchen rongkup

    Upgrades windows 10 version

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