Building a 3D Game with Unity and Visual Studio in 30 Minutes

Play Building a 3D Game with Unity and Visual Studio in 30 Minutes
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Are you a .NET developer who always dreamed of writing video games? In this short and fun session, we’ll do exactly this. We’ll start a new project, and write a 3D game in C# with Visual Studio and Unity, from scratch, in almost no time. You’ll learn about Unity, a powerful tool to create games that span all modern platforms: consoles, mobiles, desktops and even HoloLens, and how you can leverage its integration with Visual Studio to use your favorite C# IDE to write games.



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    Sam Higson is the site to download assets for this project from what I can tell!

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    Not the most useful tutorial, he often does things by shortcuts without explaining what the shortcut is. Even for an experience programmer who isn't familiar with unity and visual studio integration with unity, this is difficult to follow. For completely new programmers he also doesn't explain how to build the project in visual studio after exporting it from unity. That said, he does adequately show how the iteration build process works in unity.

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