Integrating Power BI into Your Own Applications – Featuring Real World Demos

Play Integrating Power BI into Your Own Applications – Featuring Real World Demos

The Discussion

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    1. Is it possible to pass parameters from the application to the Power BI report ? In the Shipment Delivery Analytics demo when the truck is selected, does the report shows only data referring to that truck ? If so, how is the truck identified in the BI report ?

    2. Does this work only with Azure data sources ? Does it work with data sets retrieved from an on-premise SQL server database which is scheduled to refresh the data using the Power BI gateway service ?


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    @szilarddavid:You can currently pass a single filter when embedding a report (e.g. truck ID). Enterprise gateways are not yet supported.

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    David Muir

    I notice in your example videos, there is an option 9 on the console application which shows the billing information. All examples I have found from links on the web to source repositories only have options which do not include that which can be used to obtain the billing information.

    As a developer, it would be important for me to know some more information using this. For example:

    1. How may renders I had within a specific collection at any time
    2. Indicator with each uploaded PBIX file to show how many renders it would use on each initial load.

    This is especially important as I see the preview pricing will no longer be free as of 1st May. Also, the pricing model seems expensive for this render per view method.

    Additionally, some further features would be beneficial (sorry if they are already present - but not something I have been able to find more information one).

    1. Ability to save out an image of a chart or dashboard
    2. Responsiveness of dashboards is not something I think is immediately required, but some enhancements could be made.

    Finally, I can't see in the API a way in which to delete uploaded PBIX from the collections in Azure. Can this be done?


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    PowerBI Embedded: Unable to use Import method with `Overwrite` option
    how to use the overwrite option and Delete workspace ID

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    can you please upload a video/steps to achieve Row Level security on power BI embedding.
    Thanks in advance

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    How to pass external filters inside an HTML Page so that report gets renedered A/Q To those filters ?

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