Building MicroServices with Service Fabric

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The Discussion

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    Mike Graham

    You are so on-target with this. Thanks you so much for your efforts. I haven't been this excited about a Microsoft platform in a very long time - this initiative is FANTASTIC.

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    John Billingsly

    Really great stuff.

    How should I think about Azure App Service (Web Apps, Web Jobs, Web APIs compared to Service Fabric. In presentations I have seen comparisons to Cloud Services and how Service Fabric improves on that; however, App Services also offer an improved PaaS capability over Cloud Services. When would I use Service Fabric vs. App Services?


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    Dan Vanderboom

    Great overview of Service Fabric. I'm looking forward to using the actor based model on simulations and other projects.

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    Great session!  This is definitely the most exciting aspect of Azure at the moment!  Looking forward to getting into this soon.

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    Full source code demo samples is available ? and PPts slides ?

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