Maps and Models: Navigating & Managing Large Assets

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Kelly Malone, Vice President Product Management, discusses his team's first HoloLens application, for the PGA. Taqtile is building a HoloLens application that allows two or more PGA event planners to prepare for The Players Championship golf competition at Sawgrass golf course in Florida. Taqtile’ s application uses PGA Shotlink data which records every historical shot made in the PGA competition, allowing planners to see heat-maps showing the most common areas where competitors landed shots combined with other environmental data overlaid on a holographic maquette of the golf course. This allows planners to identify the best tee-off locations, hazards, and hole locations to improve the difficulty and competitiveness of the upcoming event. Kelly will discuss how Taqtile approached managing large maps and 3D models (like a golf courses with buildings, etc.) as well how they designed for a UX based in the real world.



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