Three Runtimes, one standard… .NET Standard: All in Visual Studio 2017

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There has never been a better time to be a .NET developer, you can now build Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows applications with .NET all in open source. In this session we run through some of the new innovations including the Microsoft .NET Framework updates, .NET Standard, Universal Windows Platform updates, .NET Core, managed languages, and more. We also review the updates to Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code to make you a better developer, come see some of the latest productivity features in these tools including managing code style, searching your source and more.



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WSCC Hall 6E (1215)



The Discussion

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    Where i can found this samples ?

    and could you please upload high guilty video ?

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    I'm confused about what project can target which framework libraries.
    Unless I misunderstood it sounded like I can use a fairly large chunk of the full .Net Framework from a Core app. But this issue seems to say otherwise.

    I'm getting a little confused.. Scott I think the next Asp community stand up you and Damian need to really break this down.
    For example, if I'm creating a new Core 2.0 application can I use any WCF libraries?

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    A little more Scott and a little less Scott, please. ;)

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    This session went out of the topic, or didn't focus on a topic. scattered and the title is misleading, I was expecting talk about the three runtimes, then suddenly there is unit testing, C# 7 features, and docker!! plus, I like .net core, but, enough of this .Net core on Mac, really, we need "Apps" on other platforms rather than a "Server" on Mac (what is that for? I mean you said .net core is very popular in one year, but how much percent of the users used it for Mac?) .. We want UI on other platforms, UWP to be universal as Xamarin forms is still modest.

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    URL to MyCompany sample please!

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    @MhAlan:Can UWP be cross platform without DirectX? Will we ever see DirectX cross platform? Microsoft need stores on the other platforms first, surely.

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    Next time more Scott Han and less Scott Hun plz.

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    Where are the captions??? :(

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    Hanselman is always entertaining and informative.  I just hope I can use more then a thimble full of the new stuff in an air-gaped environment.

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    @Zandole: I agree. Not everyone can be funny or extroverted enough to catch onto humor while their head is in the demo, and that's okay. But what was the point in having him up there if Scott Hanselman could be both entertaining, and provide the same content? It's actually distracting when you see him sour every joke.

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    Glad to see interesting news again, but could you please upload subtitle files in a more common format, e.g. srt?

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    Can i get the usb key? Are you mailing to Finland :)?

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    asif ashraf

    Microsoft is doing a great job but still missing the power of Javascript. They are working really good in .NET now. However they will still not be picked by small businesses because of SQL server pricing and ignoring the power of Javascript.

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    Ko Ko

    Could you share the sample code?

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    Dj Sinae

    again microsoft leaded by juniors.. i wish i could go see myself from 15 years ago and tell me.. NEVER ever trust microsoft leaders.. go code on other platform

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    When writting a lib, it would be great if one could automatically target the min NET Standard version that covers the used api.

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