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The App Model for any OS includes everything in the app lifecycle from packaging and deployment to background execution to communication/sharing to the notification system and finally uninstalling the app Andrew will cover how the app model is evolving with Project Rome to encompass the Microsoft Graph to address a broader multi-device ecosystem and how it can apply to you.



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WSCC Hall 6E (1215)



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    The Discussion

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      This guy is not a good speaker at all. I can't understand what he's saying, none of his stuff works. I ended up turning the session off.

    • User profile image

      @Frank:I believe that this recording have a technical problem. His last year presentation was good, easy to hearing. But, I also want the closed caption.

      Universal App Model Overview: What’s New in the UWP App Model

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      Tim Sanders

      Horrible Speaker! How did he even make it here? Please filter speakers next time!

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      @pnp0a033:yeah sorry the clicker and Mike weren't working. What else can i do better?

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      @Frank:sorry you couldn't understand Mr must be my real English accent 😉 the demos did all work which is more than can be said about the clicker...

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      @Tim Sanders:hey Tim thanks for the feedback how would you suggest improving?

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      Lukas Taves

      The click thing was annoying, but I had no trouble listening to him, I thought he spoken quite well actually.

      The one area of the presentation I think that could be improved is why win32 developers should use the desktop converter tool. He said it would make the apps better, but put less emphasis on how. Giving Win10 S as the main reason to port is unlikely to be a compelling reason until Ms shows that Win10 S devices can do big numbers.

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      You said when answering a question that system elevated capabilities are likely not to be included in the app model, but do you mean the store or actually the app model is correct? I've seen some uwp with system capabilities (register editor for instance) being distributed, how do they work them?

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      @aclinick : If I do this you get notified?

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