How to get started with the new Azure DBMS for MySQL.

Play How to get started with the new Azure DBMS for MySQL.

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    I have just tested Basic Azure MySQL Database and there is a bit confusion because of wording. I was wrongly assuming that it is a single database (similar to Azure SQL Database) but it is actually a server. That means you can have as many databases as you want to. So if anyone wants 1-3 single databases, it might be still expensive but if you have got multiple small not heavy traffic databases it might be convenient because of all other benefits on Azure platform.

    I am using MySQL Workbench to connect to my databases. I get instant connection to my other remote (none Azure) databases but when I was connecting to Azure MySQL it took at least 5 seconds. I didn't test further but will see when I hook it to my websites.


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    @Vaso:Thanks for the feedback.  We're always looking at feedback on how we can improve the service - appreciate your thoughts here.

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