How to get started with the new Azure DBMS for MySQL.

Play How to get started with the new Azure DBMS for MySQL.
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Join this session to learn about Microsoft’s managed MySQL offering in Azure. We’ll walk through Microsoft’s strategy for supporting Open-Source database systems in Azure and what it means to you as a developer as you look to develop or deploy applications that use MySQL in Azure. An overview of the architecture of the service along with how Azure Database for MySQL is integrated with other Azure Services such as Web Apps will also be discussed and demo’d. If you’re a developer with applications using MySQL today, whether on-prem or already in Azure today, this session is for you!


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The Discussion

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    I have just tested Basic Azure MySQL Database and there is a bit confusion because of wording. I was wrongly assuming that it is a single database (similar to Azure SQL Database) but it is actually a server. That means you can have as many databases as you want to. So if anyone wants 1-3 single databases, it might be still expensive but if you have got multiple small not heavy traffic databases it might be convenient because of all other benefits on Azure platform.

    I am using MySQL Workbench to connect to my databases. I get instant connection to my other remote (none Azure) databases but when I was connecting to Azure MySQL it took at least 5 seconds. I didn't test further but will see when I hook it to my websites.


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    @Vaso:Thanks for the feedback.  We're always looking at feedback on how we can improve the service - appreciate your thoughts here.

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