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Let’s take a look at what’s new in ASP.NET Core 2.0! A number of improvements big and small are here, and we walk you through them in this demo-filled session. See how ASP.NET Core 2.0 simplifies development, improves performance, and increases security. We show how getting started with ASP.NET Core 2.0 is easy with the new Razor Pages app model. See how ASP.NET Core 2.0 works great for microservices hosted in container-based infrastructure. Also, see how ASP.NET Core 2.0 is even better with Microsoft Azure by providing seamless diagnostics with Application Insights and worry-free security with Azure Active Directory (AD), Azure AD B2C and Azure Key Vault. With minimal slides and lots of tech, we prepare you for the next generation of cloud powered web apps.



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The Discussion

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    I liked the presentation and the presenters, but ASP.Net core 2.0 looks a very confusing and error prone process to configure.  To me it looks like you need a to guy specialize on this topic so that others can do the actual work.  At one point it looked to me as thought you have presentation code mixed into the configuration file near the 21 minute mark!?  I need a beginners session for core.

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    @JasonR When they showed putting a message in the config file and showing the value in the web browser, it was just a demo of the configuration system. They weren't endorsing it as something that should be done. It was just the easiest and quickest way to demo that feature. If you watched the rest of the video, you would have seen Razor Pages, which is designed for presentation.

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    Hello, guys.

    Thanks for an interesting video, but it's huge buttpain to load ot on android (have never did it succesfully). Do smthng plz!

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    I think Razor Pages are a mistake. By the time you have to learn about @page, about the magic names for GET and POST functions, how all that wires with the rest of the stuff on that page, you may as well learn the real thing; it's not that much more.

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    @Peter - I think one of the use case for Razor Pages is to allow you to quickly bootstrap your app without the ceremony of MVC.

    So, say you are writing an Angular/React app and you just need to wire up some environment stuff during bootstrap, then you can do that in that razor page and get it going quickly.

    The video had me hand wringing as well, thinking of the time when I start working on a large project comprised solely of inline models and actions in Razor Pages.

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    @Huzaif: Wish they had demoed setting up something like with React with pages if possible.

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    It seems to me that Razor Pages are a step circling back to some sort of monolithic app. There are many good reasons for the MVC pattern. I realize the MVC pattern still exists in ASP.NET Core 2.0, but stacking it all within a single Razor Page, although flexible, optional, and a quick and dirty way of throwing something together, it is just a quick and dirty way of throwing an app. together. Doesn't it defeat the purpose of the MVC design pattern? I certainly don't believe it compliments it. Or does it?

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    Volume is way too low on this video.

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    @mxlockwood: It's certainly possible that someone could do that, but that would be up to them, wouldn't it? We can't stop people making their own poor decisions. At the same time, if used correctly, it's a super useful feature - for pages that aren't complicated.

    To the team: Really love the direction this is going in. Especially from the POV of easy configuration, and performance. Good work! :)

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    In my opinion Razor Pages is the worst thing that could happen to .NET Core. It totally looks like a step backwards.

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    To a lot of code in the .cshtml (aka razor) page is like go back to vb6. Please, ride to avoid this kind of practices... Anyway, looking forward to develop a dummy using netcore20. Thank you very much.

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    i think this is great, it is much more easy to start with and understand. keep improving and adding simplifying web development. MVC is an overkill for many simple applications, it is good to have both option and choose. i like much more the code-behind style of pages.

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    Interesting session but the audio is terrible, makes it hard to follow :(

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    Very excited about .NET Core 2.0

    Very excited also to invite you to hire me on a part time basis to clean up your audio

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    Great presentation.
    I really look forward to try out the Razor pages. Currently, CRUD using controllers is for sure an over kill. Thank you.

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    Ben Hayat

    Poor audio with echo.

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    Davin Mickelson

    I like the direction Core 2.0 is going with a much cleaner looking Startup class. I hope they eventually rename the ambiguously-named Configure() methods to something more descriptive. I find these methods to be confusing in purpose and better names would help beginners understand quicker. 5

    Going against the grain of previous comments, I like the new Web Pages. It's the MVC pattern rolled up into a single file - nice!

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    I think Razor Pages are a mistake. By the time you have to learn about @page, about the magic names for GET and POST functions, how all that wires with the rest of the stuff on that page, you may as well learn the real thing; it's not that much more.

    I disagree with your... the new razor page is perfect! How about you never need any third JS library like Angular/React/Vue.. just .NET Core is enough :) with the power of SignalR builtin. Razor Page will be the future!

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    Looking forward to the release of core 2. Right now everything is confusing regarding all the changes from core v. 1 to core v. 2.
    Hope the Microsoft guys manages to stabilize core so that one may dare to spend time on it.
    I have not looked or worked with anything later than mvc 5 (and ef 6) because of the constant changes in everything from project structure, tooling, version comparison with entity framework etc.

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    Ok, I just can't get Kestrel configuration to work... What am I missing???

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    Very nice presentation! Net Standard is a huge thing for the Core ecosystem. Very nice Asp.Net Core bootstrap, performance, and Razor pages!
    One question.. In the last AD thing.. How to move the users identity/login details between the different login providers Azure AD B2C, IdentityServer or Asp.Net Core Identity..?

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    @Goran:Yes kestrel configuration is not working even in the 2.0 release... any luck?

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    @Goran @AdSharma Unfortunately the default config scheme for Kestrel was pulled out of the ASP.NET Core 2.0 release after this video was recorded. Instead you will need to configure Kestrel in code, or bind Kestrel to configuration yourself.

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    Excellent, could you please share the Github repo which has all this code ?

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