Entity Framework Core 2.0: data, mobile, server, IoT, and more

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The Discussion

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    Is a video for this going to be posted?

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    Excellent presentation as always. Would love to have seen a Q&A bit recorded.

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    I hope this doesn't mean that Rowan left the EF team.

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    Marc Ziss

    What about using UDF's ? (both scalar and table). This is currently a challenge especially with scalar that can kinda sorta be used with .FromSql except for when a null value is returned in which case you have to catch exceptions. The construct is Microsoft owned and a historically popular way to retrieve data; why is this not a first class citizen in EF Core?

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    He did not mention anything about CRUD functionality on object graphs / related data

    Neither did he mentioned doing projection queries that return large objects graphs, which makes EF consume much memory. 


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    Hi Rowan, do you have any updates on Oracle support for EF Core. Is it supported in EF Core 2.0 or in a future version ?

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