Learn how ASOS built its ecommerce platform using microservices on Microsoft Azure and had a record-breaking holiday season

Play Learn how ASOS built its ecommerce platform using microservices on Microsoft Azure and had a record-breaking holiday season
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Last year ASOS re-platformed their ecommerce suite on Azure PAAS, using a microservice approach. Doing so required them to adapt their engineering approach to allow 30+ teams work in parallel. In this session, they walk through the architecture and focus on the engineering approaches, practices, and tooling that allowed them to deliver.



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    Gonna rock [H]

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    Hmm I think someone is telling porkies. Does he mean the framework composing of several hundred custom powershell scripts and waiting weeks for a coordinated release? Or does he mean the huge monolith that's still festering behind these so-called micro services?

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    @James, did you work for ASOS recently? with insight like that it certainly sounds like it. It's a shame you haven't seen some of the latest development.

    I don't disagree that this still may be the case for some projects. However, I must point out that new and re-platformed features can be developed and deployed with minimal fuss using the OTS products Team City and Octopus (inevitably with custom scripts necessary to implement CI/CD) driving our CI/CD.

    The huge monolith - which is generally lamented by all at ASOS - is being decomposed, unpicked and broken out into a Microservices architecture (along with the huge raft of benefits this brings), this statement is irrefutable. An anti-corruption layer - used with older software - offers a completely legitimate way to preserve contracts with parts of the monolith and allow new development to take place within a clear bounded context, doing things a much better way. This isn't perfect but its a stepping stone.

    Its going to take time, but the monolith is being deprecated.

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    @James: sounds like you were once one of us. If you're still working in London come round one afternoon and I'll show you. No porkies or smoke and mirrors. Just a load of hard work to create something great.

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    Thank you very much for the video, let's try !!

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