Modern front-end web development in Visual Studio 2017

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A lot of work has gone into making Visual Studio 2017 the fastest and most productive version ever. Join us for a tour of the new features for web developers that makes writing modern web applications easier, more productive and fun. We look at new techniques like “dotnet new angular” and see how ASP.NET Core and Visual Studio 2017 are a great partner for your front-end web development needs.



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The Discussion

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    Hi Mads, does JavascriptServices support angular 4?Because it seems server side rendering has changed now.

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    Mads Kristensen

    @Rasika, the SPA templates have just today been updated to include Angular 4, so it is supported

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    @Mads, thank you very much for the reply.We really appreciate your great work to help us developers.

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    Mads, I wanted to say thank-you for all the tremendous work you and everybody involved has done in terms of building web tooling around visual studio. After using Visual Studio for years, leaving it behind and trying to learn modern web stuff is quite overwhelming. Thank-you for bringing/integrating these modern web dev tools/techniques in the the editor we know and love!

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    Hi Mads,

    Great progress. Looking a lot easier to use .NET core with angular :0).

    Can you use the angular cli to generate components / services etc. for the app that is created by

    dotnet new angular

    e.g. if run Node.js command prompt in the project root can you run:

    ng generate component Customer-Detail



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    Martin Kearn

    In this session, Mads refers to Visual Studio 2017.3 which is a pre-release version at the time the video was recorded .... is that the same as the 'Visual Studio 2017 (version 15.2)' which was released on 9th June 2017? ( ..... the .2 and .3 bits are confusing me :)

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    Good video with good speed and not to detailed to the point where it gets boring.

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    Can I implement angular with this method in VS2012?

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    I just finished working through a Pluralsight course where I learned how to navigate the Node.js stack for doing front-end development..

    I'm thinking how I would dread trying to introduce all these new concepts (half of which are obsolete by the time I learn them) to the rest of our .NET developers

    This just leap-frogs right over everything and just lets me develop in Visual Studio - it's not that there's nothing to learn here.. but, the amount of things happening in the first 16 minutes of this video took me hours to absorb in the Pluralsight training I just finished.

    This looks like a really promising approach to just focus on coding rather than tooling

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