How to serve AI with data: The future of the Microsoft Data Platform

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The cloud is truly becoming the “brain” for our connected planet. You’re not just running algorithms in the cloud, rather you’re connecting that with data from sensors from around the world. By bringing data into the cloud, you can integrate all of the information, apply machine learning and AI on top of that, and deliver apps that are continuously learning and evolving in the cloud. Consequently, the devices and applications connected to cloud are learning and becoming increasingly intelligent. Please join us on a journey through the core new patterns that are emerging as we bring advanced intelligence, the cloud, IoT, and big data together.



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    I understand there are privacy concerns with this, but there is definitely a case to be made for the ability to search for text within images. The Library of Corom around 6 mins into this presentation inspired the idea.

    I have long wanted the ability to find text in images in email attachments, PDFs, Bing, Windows Search, etc. Even better, the ability to copy text out of an image inline. A common use case would be getting an email from a coworker with a screenshot of an error message with a long GUID I'd like to search on.

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    I've published the code for the "Library of Corom" demo to github if you would like to set up your own library.

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    @Corom: Thanks. Is it possible to get all the rest demos published on GitHub as well?

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