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TypeScript continues its growth journey with more and more JavaScript developers and framework authors taking advantage of the excellent tooling and productivity boost that TypeScript provides in order to create apps that scale. In this session, we talk about the Typescript journey with a focus on some of the most exciting recent features and a preview of things to come. Apart from the language and tools enhancements, see efforts already underway to bring some of the power of TypeScript to existing JavaScript projects.

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The Discussion

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    Madhu Rakhal Magar

    Thank you your wonderful product. I use TypeScript in my everyday work. thank you for one more time for your time and effort.

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    Always a pleasure and intellectual exercise to follow Anders Talking Programming related Subjects, in this case Typescript. His last almost grown up Child!

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    Very nice! Thank you for this session.

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    I do not get javascript intellisense after installing the node modules in visual studio code for Mac. As shown in the video at 50:51. Is this a preview feature? i have visual studio code version 1.12.1 installed and typescript version 2.3.2

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    Typescript is truly an amazing tool, It made the javascript development so much simpler. All these frameworks will eventually fade out, but typescript will be around for a very long time.

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    Typescript is awesome! But why does it have so many issues on Github (2062 at the moment)?

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    Voronar, because it's in active development with a new build every night 

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    I wonder if Anders knows that VS Code comes with an integrated terminal now?

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    TypeScript is a game changer for JavaScript, definitely.

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    Really cool presentation, especially the way TS integrates with react native and all. 

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    I only wished TypeScript would place some kind of typechecks into JavaScript. Now, when I get false data from my database, I have to check manually, what's kind of annoying.
    Also, does he really use chrome-browser :D ?

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    Bhanu Pratap Singh Bais

    Thank you for wonderful presentation about TypeScript.

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