What's new and coming for Windows UI: XAML and composition

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Great user experiences can delight and engage your users, and make them more productive. Innovations in the Windows UI platform in XAML and Visual Layer make creating these experiences easy on Windows. This session shows you how to easily enable these experiences in your apps – be they consumer, enterprise, or line-of-business. We also tease you with what’s in store for Windows UI in the future and how we progressively make the 'possible' even easier.



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WSCC Hall 6B (1040)



The Discussion

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    One of the speakers was very disturbing to listen to, stutters all the time "uh uh uh... brings you .. uh uh uh"

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    I disagree. Perfectly listenable.

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    I agree with Greg.  Perfectly listenable.

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    Sean Ledbetter Pulagatha

    Have a set of rules, don't just let people make whatever they want.

    Look at Flat Bookmarks for Firefox for a well done tree layout.

    * First and foremost, separate the menu buttons from the action buttons. The buttons being intermingled is confusing to the user.
    * A one pixel border is necessary to differentiate the work area of one app from another.
    * The sidebar should be on the left side only as the user is "reading" the app.
    * Oversized elements and empty space are a poor design choice.
    * Menu highlights should be noticeable, while background elements should blend. (The highlighted color is enough, giving the icon an extra bottom bar or symbol is unnecessary in most cases.)
    * For dark mode, use a dark grey and not solid black. (and make it system wide, there doesn't need to be several different apps using several different versions of dark grey.)
    * Be minimal with animations.

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    MICROSOFT please !!!!

    do more and more videos like this , this is the one thing end user care about , UX !!!

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    *Only thing :p

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