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Azure IoT Edge in #MSBUILD Day 1 Keynote

Play Azure IoT Edge in #MSBUILD Day 1 Keynote

The Discussion

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    Grahame Horner

    I'm currently a number of LoRaWan gateways to achieve longer range connectivity with IoT devices that can't/don't have internet connectivity; the gateway then translates the LoRaWan messages into Azure IoT Event Hub messages, which processes messages and then sends commands back to each gateway, which then forwards instruction to the devices via LoRaWan.

    Q: Is there any minimum hardware requirements for IoT Edge SDK? as I feel it would be good to have a LoRaWan/IoT Edge gateway so the gateway could perform some processing of IoT device message prior to offloading to a cloud service.

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    great cideo! 

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