Project Emma - Empowering people with Parkinson's

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In this session, we find out how technologies are being used to improve the lives of those with Parkinson's disease



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The Discussion

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    Annie Lawton

    Link for a short version of the BBC documentary

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    Hello Microsoft.... I am really exciting about this product.

    I'm an  electronic bachelor degree and I'm a robot and IOT  Designer and programmer with IT job and with more than 6 years in sensors devices experience. I wanna know is there any possibility to join (learn from or even contacts or email) this team... I want to learn and I want to build devices like this one

    I need help....pls

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    tell them to go for it!!!!

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    John Akermanis

    A very touching and moving story. Kudos to Haiyan and her team! A definite life changer for Emma.

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    Gwen Thrower

    When will Emmas' device be available to buy for those of us that have a difficult time writing.



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    Darlaine Caraisco

    I want one. It would change my life. Is it available in the us?

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    Will it work for cutting up vegetables as well?

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    Could my husband be in any trials for The Emmy??
    Do you know when they will be available for sale to these patients?

    So excited on the research thzt you are doing!!!!

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    Mari Carmen Aguirrebengo

    When will this divide be no the marketing. It would Amazing for me.

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    alan McKenzie

    Let me know when on line sales start or do You need a Canadian member for your trial. I am a combo with both Paarkinson and
    essential tremour.


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    John Dickson

    What is the current date for the EMMA watch to be fully available in Canada, through a distributor (or Microsoft)? If you need an Ontario contact/distributor, please feel feel free to reach out to me by e-mail. [My amazing wife has PD.]

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