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The Discussion

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    Dany Bruck

    Is it possible to install a on premise version of CosmosDB ? ( or simulator )



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    dany bruck

    on the engine point of view (not the fact that is a SAAS oriented )
    Can I compare cosmosDB to ArangoDB open-source projet ?
    (Hybrid Nosql,key-value,Graph engine ) ?

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    Thanks Shyam and Seth. The Cosmos DB session was good.

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    Seth, you do a great job in these interviews. Thanks.

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    Jason Short

    Syam Kumar Nair is the speaker. He and I worked together in SQL Server! Awesome talk!

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    Seth, you are really great at this. Recently I've watched a ton of your videos on all kinds of subjects and you do a great job anticipating developers' questions.  I *always* learn something from your videos and they are very easy to watch.  FWIW, your sense of humor is *much* better than what's in most of tech videos.  Seriously.  Thanks.


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