Distributed Applications with Docker and Service Fabric

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The Discussion

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    I am all-in for having fun, but this video has way too much of it. I was very interested about what they had to say, but I could not watch more than 3 minutes. All these "funny" jokes made it possible to keep watching the video. It's sad because it is a great topic.

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    This is so hard to watch. The host and the guy in the middle keep telling bad jokes and interrupting the guy on the left who actually have something important and interesting to share. I know you want to keep it casual but don't talk like you are in a bar. We actually want to learn something.

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    Glad you guys are having fun, but it's not getting the information across well.

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    I am trying to learn about Azure from an Architectural standpoint; this was a total waste of my time!

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    Agree with all the other comments. Really wanted to learn something here, but the incessant bad jokes was extremely frustrating. Your "in jokes" are not funny to outsiders who are here for proper content. Waste of time.

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    Yeah that was a waste of time.

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    Tell that guy in the middle it is not a standup show

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    Mark Fussell had great information to share, but it was too hard to isolate this from the rest

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    Just fire the checkered shirt guy and his friend. I really wanted to hear about azure fabric and docker... Not their stupid jokes.

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    This is not serious guys... Keep Calm and talk seriously for some time

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