.NET Standard 2.0, UWP support and UI futures

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Join us as we meet with Scott Hunter, Tim Heuer, and Miguel de Icaza to discuss the latest updates around .NET and UWP

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    The Discussion

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      Mike C

      Two question for Miguel: given your background with Linux, MonoDevelop, and Gnome:

      1. How soon will there be a tool for creating Xamarin applications on Linux?

      2. How soon will Xamarin.Forms target Linux desktop applications?


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      why xamarin forms doesn't render itself? why it needs mapping to platform elements? why it doesn't work by itself like a mono game rather than keep mapping its elements to all platforms and that hard customization with renderers?

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      Xamarin forms can`t render itself cause each platform use different render technology inside the base of operation system. mono ( Unity ) using the game engine are different way to approach and mono on UWP also will render into DirectX. Xamarin forms using mapping cause it`s good to debug and understand for native Android, iOS or UWP developer. Xamarin forms is more approach to use same UI flow by basic design.

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      I feel Miguel maybe understand the XAML Standard COMPLETELY wrong, does he? The XAML Standard, like the .NET Standard, it's NOT a design guideline. It is a REAL contract/constraint between different XAML implementations such like UWP, Xamarin and WPF. If I'm wrong, correct me please.

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      Very good. XAML, .Net Standard is excellent. Can evolve, unify platforms, and could even run on the web ?

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      what about xaml/xamarin forms for browser/webassembly?

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      Also will blend support this xaml standard and allow to design UI for android/ios/mac etc?

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      @MhAlan:Xamarin.Forms uses native components to allow constructing apps that look, behave and perform like native apps. Also it allows you to use all features of the respective platforms your app is running on.

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      XAML on WebAssembly?

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