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    Adam Wright

    I'm curious where the F# project templates repository is that we can contribute to that Phillip mentioned. I have an interest in contributing to this as it seems the other languages have overwhelmingly more templates and in a lot of cases templates aren't that difficult to create.

    Adam Wright

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    @Adam Wright: Hello!  This is Phillip from the video.  There are two places you can contribute templates:
    Right now, (1) is for .NET Core only, and (2) is for .NET Framework only.  Eventually, we'll be merging where our templates are so that it's a lot easier for contributors (and ourselves).  But if you want to help out now, you're more than welcome to contribute templates and/or ask questions about how to do it in either of those repositories.  I'm @cartermp on GitHub if you wish to tag me.  Thanks!
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    Adam Wright

    Thanks Philip, I will checkout both repos

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