The State of Progressive Web Apps

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    So why can't people just learn native application development? Why encourage people to make web apps? It's not that hard to build a UWP app is it?

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    Patrick Kettner

    @DeadStack - lots of folks don't want to build UWPs. Lots of people do. Let a thousand flowers bloom.

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    Katie Johnstone

    @ImagnGames ... Just built a cross platform native app? Web sucks always has. Why HTML when the app is running on device. I get the idea of HTML when you have a web server and can't run locally but it's not the case anymore.

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    Very informative discussion. Great job!!! I believe PWA is the future for LOB applications as large enterprises tend to be more web centric for various reasons. 

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    Sounds great, finally I have to develop a website and a native app for each mobile platform, just ONE PWA site!

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    I wish Edge would support "Add to homescreen" behavior without requiring registration through the Windows store. Free the PWAs from the store!

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    Well, hta files were really cool at the time in that you could set up printers to a Win PC from a browser and do a lot of stuff via web that previously would require a thick client. Then we had Silverlight, now PWA. What is old is new again indeed.

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    Great to see such enthusiasm. Interesting talk.

    Personally, C# for me is now a legacy language. I never understood why - if you have say 10,000 users - you would ever want to be running most of your code on a few servers. Doesn't make logical sense. Run as much code on clients. Store it all in cache. Contact Server only when absolutely necessary.    

    One feature I would like is to be able to set Network Printer Page Layouts from Browser. As it stands you can only set Page Layouts for Local Printers. Security breach I would guess, but if you could pass credentials that would be useful.

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