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Satya Nadella, Scott Guthrie, and Harry Shum show us how software continues to transform the world in remarkable ways, with developers at the center of it. 

[00:02] Satya Nadella Opening Statements
[07:39] Microsoft mission
[14:02] Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge
[19:00] Sam George, Sandvik Windows IoT demonstration
[23:00] Azure IoT Edge Introduction
[27:52] Andrea Carl, AI for Workplace Safety demonstration
[37:59] The Edge and our Devices
[41:27] Laura Jones, Intelligent Meetings
[51:46] Satya Nadella Closing Statements
[52:50] Haiyan Zhang and Emma Lawton, Development and Inspiration
[56:41] Scott Guthrie Opening Statements
[1:00:20] Scott Hanselman Azure Management Stack demonstration
[1:01:59] Azure Cloud Shell Announcement
[1:04:25] Azure Management Mobile App on Android and iOS Announcement
[1:09:50] Visual Studio for Mac General Availability Announcement
[1:21:13] PostgreSQL as a Service, MySQL as a Service Announcement
[1:22:26] Azure Cosmos DB Introduction
[1:27:20] Rimma Nehme, Azure Cosmos DB demonstration
[1:39:43] Maria Naggaga, Cloud Native application development demonstration
[1:46:50] Scott Guthrie, Serverless Computing
[1:49:01] Visual Studio 2017 support for Azure Function and Logic Apps Announcement
[1:52:02] Scott Guthrie, Azure Stack
[1:56:59] Julia White Azure and Azure Stack demonstration
[2:01:05] Scott Guthrie and Abhay Parasnis, Adobe, SaaS on Azure
[2:11:51] Microsoft AppSource
[2:13:13] Harry Shum Opening Statements
[2:18:18] Cognitive Services - Video Index and Cognitive Services Labs Cognitive Services Announcement
[2:19:40] Cognitive Services, Custom Vision, LUIS, Speech, Search and Decision Services Announcement
[2:23:00] Cornelia Carapcea Custom Vision demonstration
[2:27:07] Bot Framework and Adaptive Cards demonstration
[2:33:27] Yina Arenas Presentation Translator Add-in demonstration
[2:37:44] HP and Intel Cortana Device Announcement
[2:39:12] Yina Arenas Tact and Microsoft Graph demonstration
[2:43:52] Harry Shum Closing Statements





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