Speedup Interactive Analytics on Petabytes of Data on Azure

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One challenge faced by almost every Hadoop user is how to enable the near-time BI capability during the data volume grows, with low-latency and seamless integration with the tools you are already familiar with, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power BI. Here comes Kylin. Apache Kylin is a top-level project of Apache Software Foundation, which provides SQL interface and multi-dimensional analysis(OLAP) on Hadoop. Kyligence is a leading data intelligence company founded by the core Apache Kylin PMC members to speed up the development and evolution of open source Apache Kylin. In this session, Kyligence introduces how to enable interactive analytics on extremely large datasets on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Together with Azure HDInsight, Kyligence Cloud service could provision Hadoop Infrastructure and KAP into customer’s Azure environment. KAP loads data from Azure Blob storage and generates cube index based on the user designed data model. By leveraging Kyligence Cloud service and Microsoft Azure, analysts can focus on the data model and analysis requirement only, without the scale limitation of extremely large datasets.



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