Get to the cloud faster with Azure SQLDB Managed Instance and Database Migration Service

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A new, expanded Azure SQL Database offers fully-managed server instance with greater compatibility with SQL Server application features and more, and the ability to move hundreds of databases at once using the Database Migration Service. It provides security isolation with Azure Virtual Network, along with built-in HADR, built-in intelligent performance tuning, and intelligent security services that are already available in Azure SQL Database. To reduce the friction of transitioning your relational database estate to public cloud, expanded Azure SQL Database provides SQL Server application compatibility including commonly used cross database references using three-part names, CLR, SQL Agent, Transactional Replication, Change Data Capture, Service Broker, and a lot more. We showcase a five-step seamless migration experience from your on-premises SQL Server instances to expanded Azure SQL Database using the newly announced Azure Database Migration Service.
For more information, check out this course on Microsoft Virtual Academy:



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The Discussion

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    What if the sql db has some clr based stored proc, will that get migrated?

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    Great feature! 

    Of course you demoed the migration for very tiny dbs. Has any testing been done for very large databases or what is the maximum size of the database the testing is done? What will be the impact to the primary database while the data is being migrated? 

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