UWP Bridges for Retail Applications

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    Thanks, for this webcast ! I think that OPOS bridge needs support for more type of devices...

    The link to the sample code doesn't works, and leads to the main POS website :



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    @SB34: Thanks for your Feedback SB34, we will check why the fwlink is not working, but you can access the code here: https://github.com/Microsoft/DesktopBridgeToUWP-Samples/tree/master/Samples/DesktopBridgeOPOSscale

    Please be sure to have POS for .net installed to be able to compile the win32 C# classical project.


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    Forward link has been updated

    Presentation: https://aka.ms/pointofservice.build2017

    Sample Code: https://aka.ms/pointofservice.build2017.samplecode

    Please submit your feature request for Windows.Devices.PointOfService to https://aka.ms/pointofservice.uservoice.

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    Many thanks for this webcast. It has helped me to understand the two different approaches for connecting a USB receipt printer to a UWP app.

    I successfully implemented the Desktop Bridge approach, exactly as per your explanation, and it works perfectly, Unfortunately, as I discovered when the time came to distribute my app, packaging a UWP app with a Win32 background process is a complicated and time-consuming manual process, with no tooling available to automate it.

    So, I decided to try the OPOS Bridge approach (clearly understanding that I would then only be able to target Creators Update). Unfortunately, contrary to your demo, this doesn't work at all; it fails when trying to find and claim the same printer that is working fine using the Desktop Bridge pattern. Specifically, when running your PosPrinter sample app, it throws an exception "A device attached to the system is not functioning" while executing GetFirstDeviceAsync().

    I know the device is functioning correctly, because other apps can access it, so I wonder if there is some additional step required to enable OPOS bridge on Creators Update?

    Thanks, in advance, for your advice.

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    shubham sahu

    Can we use same for usb thumb reader device

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