Lighting up HDR and advanced color in DirectX

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Windows 10 Creators Update allows you to build apps and experiences that exploit the full color capabilities of HDR (high dynamic range), WCG (wide color gamut), and other advanced color displays. Wow your users with vivid, lifelike games, media and other visual content that use brighter peak luminance, more saturated colors, and greater precision than was possible in Windows before. We give a primer on HDR and color concepts and show you how to build amazing advanced color experiences in DirectX.



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    Funny thing that for blue square at 10:35 a screenshot on Win 10 Creators Update gives different RGB values that are presented in the video.

    While square was supposed to be "RGB(1, 120, 215)" picking this color in Paint gave me "RGB(11, 129, 206)" - actually a lighter version of blue.

    So, while presentation device could possibly even be HDR10 compliant, shooting the video with camera under different light and/or postprocessing the video is tricky, as it does not represent original colors accurately. Can this problem be solved? I doubt. And yet, you speak about color quality. Can you notice the irony of circumstances?

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    i got no color on this screen please help

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