Creating FAQ bots with QnA Maker

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The best bot is the one that meets the user’s needs, and sometimes that’s just the ability to answer some basic questions. Learn how to quickly create a bot with QnA Maker, a Microsoft Cognitive Service, with just a few lines of code, and enable your knowledge workers to update the knowledge base.



The Discussion

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    Hi, can this be added to an existing bot that has been created to increase the knowledge base?

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    Absolutely! The great part about QnA Maker is it's simply a REST service. So you can just add that in as a dialog (maybe the default dialog), and call the service from there.

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    Great !

    Is this service based on LUIS ?

    We would like a mix between intents and plain answers

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    Hey @geektrainer,

    When the QnA maker begins to craw the tables for a url, is that dynamic i.e. if someone updates the url with new information, would the QnA maker update the knowledge base automatically. Or it is only a snapshot in time? 



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