Beyond App Containers: Gaining privileged access to hardware inside your Windows app using custom capabilities

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Ever wished you could provide an immersive Windows app experience by leveraging hardware capabilities that were previously off-limits from within an app container? Look no further. Custom capabilities empowers hardware owners (IHVs) to expose hardware capabilities to Windows app developers and manage them securely. This session provides an overview about custom capabilities; how to gain access and use them within your Windows application. A code walkthrough using a sample application illustrates the high level app development process.



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    This looks great. From the Custom capability provider, from their point of view, an app developer requests access. The would take the name and hash for the app that needs access, modify an SCCD file, that then microsoft would sign. They would do that for every app developer's request? Is there any more information regarding the process of getting an SCCD signed?


    John Dr.


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    Hi John,


    Yes, the custom capability owner would need to individually grant access to each app they desire, getting each SCCD signed by MS. Process is described here:

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    Hi Guys,

    great video! The sample app is a C++ app, however for other reasons I need to develop my app with C#. Is there any way to access my custom capability from a C# app, directly or by means of a WinRT component or other kind of C++ library that works with C#? Any advice and help appreciated!


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