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Learn how Microsoft uses Git in large teams, and how you can make use of the advanced Pull Request and Code Review features in Visual Studio Team Services. Peek under hood to understand how Microsoft makes large repos and servers scale to support some of the most demanding needs of any software engineering team.



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    Clear and to the point! Well done!

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    I came across the video from Martin Woodwards post. Which took me to YouTube.

    I started the video - I thought my computer was having audio issues - but the channel 9 has the same issue - my guess is that the recording audio goes in and out - to the point that some portions are completely silent - at 3:56 the audio is gone and might be a bad wire on the mic - but that is a guess. Really wish this were a good recording..

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    grazie per la vostra attenzione nei miei confronti e dellla precisione in tutto siete veramente una o più persone eccezzionali io spero tanto di poter essere utile ha voi come voi lo siete ha me thanks im fulvio no never foget i rember you and stafff for assistance for me sorry is From USA the COUNTRY? please? so grazie ancora di cuore cercherò in tutti i modi di poetr essere utile in ogni caso ed ad ogni costo distinti saluti fulvio Lazzari.

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