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    This link does not works ... :}

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    When they say Win32, they mean the "Windows API", right? I mean, for x86-64 Windows it's not called Win32, it's called Windows API, that being the old one and not the newer object-oriented Windows Runtime, right? Please let me know if I have my terms right.

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    As the sample link is not working, I tried to create a project myself to work out Win32 File access API calls in UWP app. But it turned out that I still get Unauthorised Access Exception even though I am using a folder picker and adding the user selected folder to the FutureAccessList. Can you please tell me what might be wrong? I am attaching the sample code here which is nothing fancy, and you will understand it easily if you follow the button click handler in the main page code behind. The machine I am running this on, have W10 1709 (Build 16299.19). Waiting for your response...

    Fast forward 6 months, April update aka 1803 released:
    Still the same result as before in my fresh install of Windows 10 1803. Looks like this video was a joke. And we are bigger jokers who even think of developing for UWP as the people who support the platform are not interested keeping their promise or bothering to respond to developers.

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