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Play Bot conversations for apps

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     Good one.

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    Links to code/NuGet referenced in the talk (also in attached PowerPoint slides):


    UWP & Xamarin Speech Client Library:   

    Client Library Sample:    

    WebChat Client:

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    Very good

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    Hi..There was an update given by microsoft team saying "The Bot Framework has added support for speech throughout the platform. We’ve updated our protocols, included SSML Support in the SDKs, and even integrated your bot’s LUIS models into our speech systems to provide improved speech recognition, so your users can tap, type and talk to your bot" atBot Framework at Microsoft Build 2017. But I could not find the microphone feature enabled in the chatbot while creating bot service. It was not seen when creating a web chat control through iframe as well. Any idea when will the speech integrated features of the chatbot will come live?

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    I'm using DirectLine REST API with custom implementation (not directline.js). In my client code I capture and send the mic stream to a web server through a web socket. On the server side I use BING Speech API Service Library (C#) for speech recognition. Currently things are working in isolation. I want to use LUIS priming. How do I achieve this?

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    This UWP and Xamarin Speech Client Library was delisted from NuGet. What gives?

    I was just starting to piece together an app for this. I liked the library because I didn't have to muck around with managing the audio streams and whatnot myself, the library connected to recognizers / synthesizers and orchestrated everything for me.

    What is my best alternative now that Microsoft.Bot.Client is no longer available?

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