Your App on Microsoft Teams: Getting started

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Learn how to build an app for Microsoft Teams, the chat-based workspace in Office 365 that integrates with tools and services that teams use to get work done. The Microsoft Teams developer platform makes it easy for you to integrate your own service, whether you develop custom apps for your team or SaaS applications for teams around the world. With the Microsoft Teams developer platform, you can make your service available to users within Teams in contexts that make sense – whether assisting in chat or creating a rich web view of the content users need, Teams provides a great surface area and exciting opportunity for developers. Learn more about the Microsoft Teams developer platform at Download sample code: Download sample manifests: Register as a developer: Submit your app:





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The Discussion

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    This is rad. 

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    Juan Carrero

    This is really cool

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    As you talk about Tasks, why wouldn't you demonstrate Planner integration with Teams? And if there is none, why not talk about the development options to integrate Teams with Planner. You keep talking about cool features, businesses don't care about cool features. They want to know the value it can bring the organization. Demonstrate the value in your demo next time.

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