Tips and tricks for creating performant UI in UWP

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Give your Windows 10 UWP app UI that next level of polish. An app with great UX should not only look good but should also be fast and fluid. This talk covers some tips and tricks for working with XAML and the Visual Layer to keep in mind that will help ensure a beautiful and adaptive, yet snappy, user experience.



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    I wonder if I can use this in my Image Class Library that I hope to put into a microservice (Service Fabric and Azure). I use System.Drawing for now. Would it be beneficial from a performance perspective?

    I've never touched UWP though. That's why I ask.

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    Mr Smith

    Where is the code specifically in the GitHub?

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    The x:Load technique came in very handy for me to implement lazy loading for UI heavy user controls in a very elegant manner. Since x:Load cannot be directly used on a UserControl, I had to put the UserControl in a grid and then use x:Load on the containing grid. Anyway, thanks for providing this cool feature and educating the community about it. Keep up the good work !  

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