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Visual Studio for Mac enables web and cloud developers on macOS to build applications using .NET Core. This video shows how to get started building web applications in Visual Studio for Mac and how to publish them to Microsoft Azure. To get started, download Visual Studio for Mac today on visualstudio.com.



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    Just wanted to make a quick correction:

    The CSS, HTML, and JSON intellisense is not exactly the same as it is in Visual Studio for Windows. A few of the features are still being added to Visual Studio for Mac.

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    Sandeep Kumar Jakkaraju

    Very Nice video Madam.

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    Very excited to try out VS for Mac.

    Thanks Kendra!

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    Can you please share this solution and is the docker preview enabled in the release version of visual studio for Mac?

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    @fgun: Hey there! The Docker Support is part of the Alpha channel.

    Go to Visual Studio -> Check for Updates... and set the update channel to Alpha.

    The solution I use in this video is simply the default projects already on your machine. Nothing special there!

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    I tried to run my first web application but on my mac it just build only but couldn't find any option of "Run" to run my project in localhost.

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    Luis Miguel Bravo

    Hello Kendra Havens.

    I set Channel to Alpha,

    but I don't see the "docker support" option

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    I have this version of visual studio https://www.visualstudio.com/vs/community/

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    I wanted to test out the docker support for Visual Studio for Mac. I've installed the Alpha channel version and found the 'Add Docker Support' button. However when I run, it just runs the application outside of docker. Is there anything additional I need to configure?

    I do have Docker installed.

    EDIT: I found that I need to make the docker-compose project the startup project.  After doing that it tries to start docker, but I get 'Execution failed'

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