.NET Core and Visual Studio for Mac

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    Just wanted to make a quick correction:

    The CSS, HTML, and JSON intellisense is not exactly the same as it is in Visual Studio for Windows. A few of the features are still being added to Visual Studio for Mac.

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    Sandeep Kumar Jakkaraju

    Very Nice video Madam.

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    Very excited to try out VS for Mac.

    Thanks Kendra!

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    Can you please share this solution and is the docker preview enabled in the release version of visual studio for Mac?

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    @fgun: Hey there! The Docker Support is part of the Alpha channel.

    Go to Visual Studio -> Check for Updates... and set the update channel to Alpha.

    The solution I use in this video is simply the default projects already on your machine. Nothing special there!

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    I tried to run my first web application but on my mac it just build only but couldn't find any option of "Run" to run my project in localhost.

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    Luis Miguel Bravo

    Hello Kendra Havens.

    I set Channel to Alpha,

    but I don't see the "docker support" option

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    I have this version of visual studio https://www.visualstudio.com/vs/community/

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    I wanted to test out the docker support for Visual Studio for Mac. I've installed the Alpha channel version and found the 'Add Docker Support' button. However when I run, it just runs the application outside of docker. Is there anything additional I need to configure?

    I do have Docker installed.

    EDIT: I found that I need to make the docker-compose project the startup project.  After doing that it tries to start docker, but I get 'Execution failed'

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