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    stephen scotti

    If I have a website, is there a metatag that I can include in my websites's HTML that will inform Bing to show a link to a bot I have (Note: the bot has a different name than the website) that I want to show up with the website's search results on Bing? The bot is already published on the Bing channel of the bot framework, but it does not come up on Bing search unless I use the query "<botname> bot"

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    Bill Santini


    I'm interested in Bots and this looked like a great way to start.

    However, when I launch Bing and search for Expedia, as demoed, the Travel Bot does not come up? This is not how it was demoed. The fact that the bot comes up automatically with a typical search is very powerful. Without it, I believe it loses most of it's value of being discovered.

    I did bing expedia bot and, as expected, the bot does show.

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