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Development teams are always looking for the next improvements to make to their products: creating, updating, and removing features. Ideally these decisions would be data-driven, but often products don’t send usage telemetry data. Even for products with usage data, making sound product and feature decisions often involves writing lots of repetitive, manual queries. New features in Application Insights dramatically simplify this process with tools for exploring user interactions and engagement and creating funnels to understand conversion rates. With these product usage analytics capabilities, you can get a more complete picture of your app, from the server to the browser to the user, empowering your team to build better products.



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The Discussion

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    Steven K James

    Thank you for the discussion. I am looking forward presenting this to our Enterprise. I feel that these new features help the Business Department to justify changes or to downgrade changes if the feature they requested is not being utilized. There is a possibility of a recommendation of training if the feature is not being used.
    Steven K James, Senior Programmer

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