Microservice architecture with ASP.NET Core

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The Discussion

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    I don't like this dual screen format you guys start using.

    "Code screen" is too small

    Screen with the lecturer is basically pointless. 

    Please go to the full screen on speaker during an introduction and so on

    Go to the full code screen during code examples




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    Can i get the slides of the presentation

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    If someone wants to read the ebook content on ereader, you can download mobi and epub files at:


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    Also agree with NikolaiT.

    Firstly, thank-you for the insight and the knowledge share.

    If you really must be seen, why not a small insert at some corner that does not cover the active code area?

    Otherwise, even without seeing you, it is still of value and does not degrade how well we consume your content.

    We actually get more value seeing than seeing you say it.

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    Great book. I want to buy it in print.

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