Visual Studio Code: The most useful (and underused) tips and tricks

Play Visual Studio Code: The most useful (and underused) tips and tricks

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    Love it! I didn't know about Zen Mode or the fact that cmd+space offered full launch-config objects in launch.json. One question I struggle with: What's the difference between a task and a launch config? When do you use one or the other? You're using a task to run your app, it seems to me a launch config is actually more appropriate here since you're "launch"ing your application.

    Other note: did you mention that the node process you're attaching to was launched *in debug mode*? This will be confusing to people not aware of this workflow.

    Good stuff!

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    @Sequoia: launch configs are to do with launching your application in a debugging context (though there may be some other uses I'm not aware of).

    Tasks are more about running some toolset such as your build or tests.

    I think he wanted to show a migration from running everything yourself from a terminal to running commonly used stuff from a task, to splitting out your debugging use case from your build/test use case.

    One thing I don't think he showed was the isBuildCommand and isTestCommand options under tasks.jso. These automatically enable a shortcut of ctrl+shift+B or T to run the build or test commands (see

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