Cakewalk SONAR: Win32 lighting up on Windows 10

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Cakewalk Sonar is a top music creation and production application for Windows. In this session, learn about the audio, bluetooth, MIDI, and other features Cakewalk has used to light up on Windows 10 from their traditional Win32 app.



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The Discussion

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    WinRT MIDI SysEx calls do not work on any release of Windows where device names do not have a suffix of "[0]" / "[1]". That includes Windows 8.1 through Windows 10 1703 Creators update. Making a SysEx call hangs the application.

    WinRT MIDI device enumeration is also not functioning correctly for various vendor MIDI drivers.

    Sonar, when using the UWP MIDI stack, bombs when sending SysEx messages.

    Given this problem dates back to 2014, it is only reasonable to expect ASAP turn around for a fix to this very long standing bug.

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    @Noemata: You've reported it, and we responded. Thanks again for sending us the trace logs. That helped the dev team.

    But please, do stop spamming comment threads, repos, and more with this comment. It truly does not help.

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    I don't have time to play with. So I will take whatever approach is necessary to get this resolved ASAP. If you want to prevent getting spammed, respond faster! Two contractors have already lost their jobs over this.

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    I'm glad to see that in keeping with tradition, this video about audio has constant ringing present.

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    @James:Yeah. The speakers were very close to the stage in this setup (two above the stage, two on the floor), and then cranked up fairly loud to be heard over the show floor noise. Combined with having almost no setup time between sessions (so no individual sound checks), and you get some ringing.

    Not a great approach, but has nothing to do with the audio team. :)


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    The sound at the session was actually very good. The setup is optimized to pick up speech so any other audio is just coming off the mic feed. This was one session out of hundreds so no special treatment being a talk about audio.

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