Ayzenberg/Praeses: Jurisdiction Unlimited: Extending Jurisdiction Online to Microsoft HoloLens, so building inspectors make better decisions, faster, for increased safety

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Between paper notes, retyping data, and underwriter verification, the entire inspection process can take up to three months. Jurisdiction Unlimited is a Mixed Reality extension of the existing Jurisdiction Online software solution from Praeses, targeted at improving the efficiency and accuracy of the jurisdictional inspection and risk evaluation processes. By increasing data quality, communicating contextual data more effectively, and streamlining the data entry system, this will ultimately lead to a safer community. This demo shows a work-in-progress build of the Jurisdiction Unlimited Proof of Concept, showing a functional slice of what the application could do to resolve industry issues, within a specific scenario and a scripted/self-contained Unity environment. We show how an inspector will go through an inspection process using Jurisdiction Unlimited, resolve an existing violation and add a new one, easily add annotations and interact with past annotations, submit their inspection, and review findings with stakeholders.



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