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Azure Service Fabric: The road ahead for microservices

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The Discussion

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    High quality MP4 file is broken - has only 12 minutes.

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    @xsan: Thank you for letting us know, we have removed this for the time being, and as a workaround you can download the medium quality video instead, while we troubleshoot. Thank you!

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    Can anyone at MS assure developers that Service Fabric has a long future? With bloggers out there saying Kubernetes on Azure is going to interrupt future dev of SF, that's a worry, and it would be good to have MS speak loudly and often about the future of SF. The conversion of a large enterprise app into SF is a heavy lift, and only worth the investment if MS doesn't pull the rug and cave to KN popularity. Our team prefers the extra facility of SF over KN, but only if SF has a LONG dev future (not just an EOL future).

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    Alma Jensen

    I have had the opportunity to talk with the team in charge of Service Fabric. And no Service Fabric is not going away. It's the underlying tech that powers Azure. The Service Fabric team is part of the Microsoft Kubernetes team and from what I understand is that Kubernetes is what most of the industry is typically adopting so more emphasis is put into that but Service Fabric does still continue to be actively developed. For a while we had the same question as well as to if this was dying and the answer that came back is NO it is still going forward and Azure is not moving off of it. It's that most of the industry seems to be asking more about Kubernetes so that's what they are talking about more.

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