The Present and Not-too-distant Future of Visual Studio

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The mission of the Visual Studio team is to make every developer on every team more productive and we've been busy! In this session, we'll take you on a rollercoaster ride through the latest enhancements of Visual Studio to make you the most productive developer in your team and the fastest dev team in the industry. We'll show you the latest and greatest additions to make every character you type more optimized, how you can collaborate better as a team with new features like Live Share, how we’re bringing testing and code analysis even more deeply into the development “inner loop”, and highlight new areas that we’re working on to extend Visual Studio to new platforms and application categories. We'll also give you a sneak peak of some of the long-lead projects we’ve got in the works that will bring even more developer productivity to you. Expect a demo-heavy, so-new-the-paint-hasn’t-dried session!



Session Type:

Breakout 75 minute




WSCC: Ballrooms 6B

The Discussion

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    Was this session cancelled? I can't find any video for this here and neither on YouTube.

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    Flynn0r neither

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    The session wasn't cancelled, I've been there myself.

    Here are my notes:
    From 6 weeks development to 6 hours per VS version.
    Support for Q# (as an extension)
    Python and C++ together in one solution

    Faster solution loading and unittest discovery
    Unit test explorer: hierarchy, loading/executing icons
    Unit test results visible in implementation
    Unit test ran in the background when fixing a failing test
    ALT + clicking in lines = multiple cursor input
    Decode external source code
    Debug external source code
    Intellicode (extension): suggests code using ML from OSS from GitHub and your code. Generates code cleanup templates.

    CredScan as build step to prevent secure keys into the repository
    Connected Services: Azure Key Vault. Uses identity of logged in user in VS. Looks for AppSettings in KV Secrets.

    Step-back debugger
    Reverse continue
    They did a live share session after the last note, but since they did exactly that in the key note, I walked out. So there might be some stuff missing here.

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    Hi there!  We had some audio recording issues of some sessions at Build and are working through them.  This may have been one that was impacted and we're looking into it.  Thanks for patience and understanding!

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    Well, this doesn't look very promising :/

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    @TimHeuer: Hello Tim, Would you know the status of this video? 'cause I'm keeping a tab on this hoping that the video will show up.

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    @clintcparker: Part 2 should be up next week. If we need to do a Part 3 we will. :) That should cover everything they talked about and showed. 


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    Thanks. It might make sense to remove the "Video will be available soon" banner and instead add a link to

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