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The Discussion

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    Hi team,

    Actually I Watched Demo video About Cognitive Search, In the video you mention We can implement "NLP" using cognitive Search.. In the demo you took 'jfk' file and apply some "cognitive services" on 'jfk' file, and using rest API's they implement "cognitive search" on 'jfk' file. But In my scenario i want to implement "NLP" on database tables[SQL Server] using "cognitive Search ". ( "What I did up to know is : 1.First i create resource in Azure portal using Azure Search 2.import data into created resource using data source[existing azure database] 3.apply cognitive services on data 4. create target indexes 5. passing requirements in search explorer 6.In search explorer i can't reach to my requirement) 

    I attached an image of my requirement for your reference

    The Image shows data of Ledger table when i search on "NLP" Search box As Sum of Ledgers credit by account type? it gives out put like {Select 'Account type', Sum(credit) from ledgers group by 'account type'


    Is it possible using Cognitive Search or not? If it is possible can we use more than one table at a time(Using Joins)? I explained to you as If I couldn't explain properly please forgive me..


    Nandu Bodala,



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