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Building Solution Templates and Managed Applications for the Azure Marketplace

Play Building Solution Templates and Managed Applications for the Azure Marketplace

The Discussion

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    It is not clear how I would deploy a complex Azure Service Fabric application as a Solution Template to the Azure Marketplace.

    Our end-to-end deployment scenario involves generating self-signed certificate, creating Azure Key Vault, uploading the certificate to the Key Vault, creating Active Directory Application Registration for user authentication, executing main ARM template deploying Service Fabric cluster and other resources, running OpenSSL commands to process certificate file, and then deploying two custom Service Fabric applications to the cluster.

    You can see the script "src\CreateNewCluster_DeployApps.ps1" in the repository

    Any guidance would be appreciated.
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    Aleksei Tiufiakov

    Really helpful guide, thanks to this video I got a vision of how to develop UI experience and publish on marketplace, exactly what I was searching

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    When I try to add the zipped json files in the cloudpartner portal, I can not find package detail section as mantioned in the video.

    Am I looking in the wrong place?

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    Whereis the sources? I'm looking for regex for sql server password.

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