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    Where is the actual video? I may be a bit dumb, but between here and the Build website I don't see a simple list of the sessions and a link to play them, or anything that says "not available yet" if that's the case. :(

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    I'm with you @Nacnudrium

    What the heck does Add to Queue do?  How am I supposed to watch it??

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    Sometimes it takes them a couple of days to upload the video. Maybe they need to edit it first?

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    Once you add the chosen sessions to your queue, use your profile link and you'll see a video tumbnail bitmap appear when the video is ready. click on the video screen grab bitmap and it takes you to a page with the session info, links to audio/video downloads, and links to slides and other resources :D The first of mine appeared this morning - the "What's new in Typescript" by my old friend Anders Hejlsberg.

    David I.


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    @Nacnudrium: +1

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    Here is the actual video:

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