Git patterns and anti-patterns for successful developers

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The Discussion

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    Bonjour,J adore votre coopérative et je souhaite d etre particepant aavec vous MERCI ABDOKADER.

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    Very helpful and much easier to understand than the average git talk!

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    Lee Tickett

    Interesting watch. We do something similar but it seems a little more intuitive than your solution;

    We have a dev branch which everyone feature branches off then raises pull/merge requests once code is ready to merge back into dev.

    However, when we are ready to publish/deploy we raise a pull/merge request into master. So master always tracks our production build(s)- no need to spin up MXXX branches and destroy them as you do.

    One topic you didn't cover, which I would be interested in; How do you handle your merges? We try to rebase before merging to avoid any conflicts but haven't mastered the rebase process yet. I think we may be over complicating things and should maybe just merge and handle the conflicts.

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    Aaron Toth

    I liked the video and it was nice to see this strategy being advocated again.

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    This seems a bit convoluted and not all that intuitive.


    Personally, I prefer the way GitFlow works. It seems much more straight forward and intuitive.

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