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Why you should use F# (Part 2)

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F# is a functional programming language that runs on .NET. It is a perfect fit for developing backend services on .NET Core, modeling complex domains, and dealing with difficult data access problems. In fact, it powers the backends of some of our top customers in Azure!

This is a two part video that was merged into one, to optimize time, as follows:

Part 1:
In this talk, we'll introduce F# on .NET Core while walking through its benefits, talk about the excellent support it has across multiple tools, and show how it's a perfect fit for your next backend service. Come see what F# has to offer you!

Part 2:
In this talk, we'll take an existing F# web service running on .NET Core and refactor it to work other projects. If you're familiar with F# or attended the first F# session, come see how you can take F# another step further!

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