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Authentication in Apps for Microsoft Teams

Play Authentication in Apps for Microsoft Teams

The Discussion

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    Is there a way to avoid the login button when you are signed in to Teams already?

    Like when you are signed in to and use the App launcher to go to e.g. SharePoint Online - you're not asked to sign in again or click a button to proceed.

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    Wow, I've never rewound a clip so many times. That Bot login was so convoluted I'm amazed anyone has ever written a bot for Teams. Is there another way?

    Can I just roll my own linkage system between a Teams user and their account in my app?

    Like this;

    "hello bot"
    "Howdy stranger! Quickly hit the link below and enter code v22Ds"
    > Goes to my website and they enter the code. My website tells them to say hi again in Teams.
    "hi again"
    "Hey Sandeep! Thanks for doing that. Here's what you can do next..."
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    Actually I could just put the code in the link. In my web service I store the code and the Teams user ID (assuming each Teams user has a unique ID) and an expiry, and then "connect" everything when the link is dereferenced.

    Assuming all Teams bot messages from the customer arrive at my web service with a unique Teams user ID I can resolve my customer's account and deal with their request.

    Just seems so simple. What am I missing?

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