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Getting started with CI/CD & Azure Container Service (AKS) powered by VSTS

Play Getting started with CI/CD & Azure Container Service (AKS) powered by VSTS
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In this video we walk through, step by step, how to setup a complete CI/CD pipeline for Azure Container Service (AKS) and VSTS. You will learn how to build and push a Docker image to Azure Container Registry, and then use that image as part of your release definition where you create a deployment to your AKS Kubernetes cluster. If you are completely new to Kubernetes, this is the video for you. We use two simple commands as tasks to handle the deployment during release: kubectl run [deployment-name] --image [image-name] --port [application-port] kubectl expose deployment [deployment-name] --type=LoadBalancer --port 80 --target-port [application-port] That's it! Try it out and tag me on Twitter (@jldeen) if you deploy your first container (pod)! Get started today with VSTS, visit:

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The Discussion

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    When setting up a Kubernetes connection you guys have to point a finger at where to get Server Url and especially where to get KubeConfig!

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    oooh, I found it!

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    ok, any subsequent Release throws an error:

    Error from server (AlreadyExists): deployments.extensions "my-image" already exists

    I couldn't find how to fix it. So it's a one-time deployment, not continuous for sure.

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    Failed to pull image "": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error response from daemon: Get unauthorized: authentication required

    I got this error from Kubernetes, is there anyone can help me?

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    @CharlesX:I also have this problem. I couldn't solve whatever I tried. Please can somebody help?

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    @iwr: same here. after examining the Deployment script I found it has no "imagePullSecrets" tag.
    trying to follow this article:,

    anyhow the instructions in the video are lacking the explanation of proper principal and authentication between AKS and ACR.

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    Thanks for the video good pace! I wish you could add the deployment.yaml part regarding how to deploy from the ACR to kubernetes. This part would be really handy. As I understand it, we do the following: push files/code to Git --> add Docker tasks on VSTS for the build stage (create image and push image) --> sends image to ACR --> then a deployment.yaml file should be used in the production environment (in VSTS) to help deploy the container to AKS. I feel this final step is missing? thanks (just so you know I am a very junior developer learning some devOps now).

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